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How to Buy Car Warranties in Three Easy Steps - Adelaide

When you purchase a new car, the warranty is also a point of discussion. Dealers in Australia always offer some type of warranty and usually offer the option to extend. If you’ve bought a car in a private sale, you may be unsure as to how to protect your car with a warranty that will cover you when repairs are necessary.

Here are three easy steps to help you buy car warranties in any situation, helping you to assure that your vehicle is always covered.

Be Sure You Need a Warranty

In most areas of Australia, licensed car dealers are required by law to provide a statutory warranty for any vehicle that is fewer than ten years old and has been driven for less than 160,000 kilometres. If you’ve recently purchased a vehicle from a dealer meeting those requirements, then you will want to confirm with your dealer that your car is covered.

Purchase an Extended Warranty

If your vehicle is covered by a statutory warranty and you’d like to extend your coverage, you can do so through a number of vehicle warranty providers. Extended warranties typically add the following benefits:

- Wrecker coverage

- Locksmith service

- Emergency car hire

Extended warranties add to the existing coverage, so you’ll still turn to the original guarantor for warranty repairs.

Purchase a Third-Party Warranty

Some warranty providers, like RACV, provide warranties that are independent of your original coverage. Such warranties extend the duration of coverage well beyond factory or statutory warranties. Third-party warranties can also come in handy if you purchase a late-model car through a private seller, who is under no obligation to transfer the car’s original warranty to you, in Australia.

Bonus: Vehicle Repair Insurance

An alternative to warranties is vehicle repair insurance. Companies, like Endurance, will pay for your auto repairs if you purchase one of their protection plans. This type of plan can be added to nearly any car in working order, and vehicle repair insurance can save you on the cost of repairs. If your car is out of warranty, this type of protection may be the right alternative for you.

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