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How-to Guide: Selling Your Car in Brisbane

Though you might think that selling your car is unduly hard, it’s really not all that scary, as you know how to take the easy route. Fortunately, in the digital age, all the tools you need to sell a vehicle exist online.

In the span of a single afternoon, you can prepare your car and create an online advert that will reach the growing community of private-party car buyers on the Web.

Here’s your quick and easy how-to guide for selling your car online.

Be Sure You’re in the Clear

Before you can sell your car, it must be cleared of any debts you might have owed against it. You’ll also need current Roadworthy Certification (RWC) to pass on to its new owner.

Take Your Car in for a Check-Up

Take your car into your nearest garage for a check-up with a technician you know and trust. If there are any problems you can afford to have fixed, go ahead. If you cannot manage the repair bill at the time, you can at least be forthcoming with your prospective buyers about any issues under the bonnet.

Name Your Price

Since you want to get as much money for your car as possible, you’ll want to look up the fair market value through an online car valuation site.

Make It Shine

You’ll next want to thoroughly the car, inside and out. That means dumping the ashtray and gathering up all that lost coinage underneath the seats. Spring for a wash and wax to restore that new car shine.

Take Pictures

Next, grab your digital camera and take a series of snaps of your car. Be sure you capture it in all its glory (spots and all) with pictures of the interior and exterior.

Record a Video

Adding a video to the ad you’re going to create for your car will take it up a notch. Your prospective buyers will be able to see themselves in the driver’s seat if you take the extra time to record a video and upload it to YouTube.

Write Your Advert

Keep it simple and honest, but be detailed. If you’ve meticulously maintained it, say so. Just don’t get all sales. If it has faults – dents, dings, or leaks – state as much in your ad.

Post Your Ad

Put your ad in a few places. Online used car marketplaces, local classifieds, and message boards are all staple choices. Remember to add as many pictures as you can and don’t forget the link to your video.

Schedule a Test Drive

Don’t get into heated price negotiations over the phone. Save the negotiations for after the test drive. Ideally, they’ll fall in love with your prized ride and won’t be inclined to haggle aggressively.

Sign and Deliver

After your car’s new owner decides to take it home, collect their payment, and write them a receipt for the sale. This is also the time to transfer the RWC and handover any pertinent paperwork in your possession.

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