Seven Seven Seater SUV’s Under 45K - Melbourne

Choosing the right 7 seater SUV for your family and your budget can be overwhelming. With so many SUVs on the market, it’s difficult to break down the pros and cons and make an informed choice about which people mover will work best for your family. Customers report their decision-makers and breakers when choosing the best 7 seater revolve around the basics of safety, features, and price.

In this article we’ve broken down those basics for the best 7 seater picks in Australia and included what to expect on the used seven-seater market too so you can choose wisely in the future.

From highest to lowest price in the used arena:

Toyota Kluger

This seven-seater is an excellent family car with an equally excellent reputation. The Toyota Kluger 2WD GX is the starting point in this range and offers a V6 engine. Toyota bills this people mover car as THE family car, and while it does seem quite sleek and sporty in appearance, it is not exactly top of the line luxury.

Abilities include cruise control to maintain a steady speed set to the driver’s preference which makes driving long distances far more comfortable. Other standard features included are stability control, auto headlights, power assist steering (electric) which increases driving pleasure and reduces parking pressure, 6-speaker sound, touchscreen audio with Bluetooth, USB connectivity, and SatNav.

Equipped with a reverse camera helping the driver to confidently reverse with precision and ultimate safety when visibility is compromised. Also included are many other safety features perfect for the young family.

Power: 3.5L Dual VVT-i engine (201kW/337Nm)

Perks: Excellent family car option

Pitfalls: not as luxurious as others in its field

Average Cost: $42,000 for a 2WD GX up to $70,000 for the AWD Grande for the 2015 models but we found that on the used seven-seater market prices are as low as under $40,000 for a pre-2013 model.

Ford Territory

Sitting comfortably in the $40,000 range for a new seven-seater vehicle, the Ford Territory enjoys a good reputation among consumers.

Offering a comfortable driving experience and excellent range of features, the Territory is one of the most popular SUV’s on the market for good reason. The Territory easily handles city driving and more rugged driving experiences for those who head off on off-road adventures.

Most Seven Seater buyers want to ensure the safety of their family and the Ford Territory comes equipped with features such as a reverse camera to keep little ones safe in driveways and precision parking easy.

Expect advanced voice control technology (Ford SYNC TM), SatNav with, and connectivity options too. All are driver-friendly and are easy to operate. Ford SYNC brings a w