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Three Resources to Help You Find Cheap Second Hand Cars for Sale - Brisbane

There are plenty of cars for sale online, but not all of them qualify as ‘cheap’ by the average person’s estimation. If you’re scouring the second-hand market for a great deal on a reliable set of wheels, these three resources can help you find the right car for you.

Before you head down to the neighbourhood lemon lot and spend more money than you really want to, you owe it to your wallet to check out these three resources to help you find cheap second-hand cars for sale.

Second-Hand Car Marketplaces

You’ve probably seen new car marketplaces that aggregate listings from dealerships across the country, but you might not know that there are similar sites that specialize in second-hand cars. These sites integrate listings from private sellers, which is where some of the sweetest deals are found.

Auction Sites

The big online auction sites like eBay, now two decades in existence, are still a good place to search for a second-hand car. Because of the fees, they level against sellers, though, auction sites don’t always have deals that you might call ‘cheap.’


YouTube might not be the first site that comes to mind when you think about finding a cheap second-hand car, but it’s a great resource nonetheless. YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, and one of its chief uses is product research. YouTube users know that shoppers like to see what they’re getting before they buy.

Many private sellers will take a short video of their car in operation and post it to the video site. To weed out videos in which the car has already sold, sort your YouTube search results by most recent date, by clicking on ‘Advanced Search’ next to the search box. You’d be surprised by how many second-hand cars you can find that way.

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