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Tips & Tricks: Selling Cars in Perth

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

To help you in your efforts, we’ve put together this list of tips & tricks for selling cars in Perth, Australia.

Ensure Certification is Up to Date

Before you can legally sell your car in any state in the country, you’ll need either a safety certificate of a road-worthiness certificate (RWC). Your local approved inspection station can provide certification, for a nominal fee. Your prospective buyers will be keen to put their eyes on these documents, so make sure they are up to date before you list your car for sale.

Private Sellers Pay the Most

After you secure the proper certifications for your car, the next thing to do is to set about selling it. You may be thinking of taking it to a dealership, in an effort to make selling your car as quick and simple as possible.

The truth is private sales net sellers more money than selling to a dealership. Dealers have to be mindful of their own profits, so they are usually looking to pay as little as possible for used cars. The open market of private car buyers is where you’ll fetch closer to fair market value when selling your car.

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Visuals Help Cars Sell

Since you’ll inevitably create a listing for your car, be sure you do not underestimate the importance of good visuals. Car buyers expect to see clearly the car’s condition before they will even pick the phone to enquire about it.

Spend an afternoon photographing your car, inside and out, and add the results to your listing. If you have basic video editing skills, take a walk around video of you and show it starting up. If you include a link to the video with your ad, the car you’re selling will stand well above the pack.

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