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Where to Find a Good Car Finance Quote Online

If you’re in search of a good car finance quote, you’re in the right place. The ideal tool is one that lets you compare finance rates from different lenders, which is what you’ll find here.

Although you can usually get quotes from lenders’ websites, those quotes are usually locked into the specific lenders’ ‘best case scenario’ and do not necessarily reflect real-world scenarios.

With this car finance quote tool, here’s what you can do.

Shop Your Score

Some lenders treat your credit score differently than others. You may be offered 5.9% APR with one lender, and 4.99% with another. Your quote will compare rates, based on your score, helping you to choose a lender offering interest rates and loan terms that suit you.

Set Your Loan Term

The duration of your repayments is also flexible. You can choose a longer-term to stretch your repayments, or shorten its duration to pay off earlier while paying less interest.

Choose Your Interest Rate

You can choose a fixed or variable interest rate for your loan. The structure of the loan is also affected by how you would like to accrue interest, and some lenders offer balloon payments which can help you get into a car right away while requiring you to pay more later.

Factor in a Down Payment

The amount of money you put down toward the vehicle affects the principal you borrow, which can change your monthly repayments. Enter different down payments to get an idea of how your car finance quote might look if you were paying less in interest by borrowing less money.

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