A car subscription is a flexible new way to own a car.


For a flat monthly fee, enjoy the car of your choice without the high upfront fees, finance applications, servicing costs, insurance, registration, roadside assist and endless other costs.


Plus you can swap for a different model or cancel your subscription at any time - it's so easy!


Finding a car can be hard. Financing it can be harder.

Then you need to insure it, register it, get a warranty, maybe buy break down cover, and then every year don't forget to service and register it.

Many things to do, and all of them can cost more than you expect with those big repair bills always coming when you can least afford them.​


Relax. There is an easier way...


Just one easy payment per month and we'll take care of the rest.

We'll find the car, buy it. finance it, insure it, service it, repair it - we'll even wash it!

Find out how a car subscription can make driving your own car easier, more flexible and we will even save you money as you drive.

Of course, you can swap for a different model or cancel your subscription at any time - it's so easy!


How does this all work?

A car subscription is a better way to own a car. You get all the benefits of driving the car you want while we take car of all the bills, maintenance and run around. Carzaam owns the car but you get all the benefits for one low payment. While we take care of everything realted to the car, you will be responsible for approprite driving and care standards, as well as fines and accidents where you are at fault (up to the excess amount).

How much does it cost?

It's totally up to you, choose a car that suits your budget and we will bundle all the costs into one low payment. The final amount will depend on the car you choose and the relevant state charges and duties applicable.

When do I pay?

Carzaam can structure a subscription to suit your lifestyle. Choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments, it's as flexible as you need it to be. However we do ask that you to pay on time as a late payment fee of $20 per invoice will apply.

How do I cancel my subscription?

At Carzaam there are no lock in contracts, no minimum terms and no cancellation fees, you can hand back your car at any time. Just give us 30 days notice from your next payment date so we can arrange another subscriber.

Why do I pay a Joining fee?

To access the Carzaam subscription fleet, we ask that you pay an upfront Joining fee equal to a one month subscription fee. This gives you access to our subscription fleet, flexible subscription packages, discounted car rental and the Carzaam mobility card. You can enjoy the benefits of Carzaam membership for up to 12 months after you hand back your car. Don't forget to ask about our flexible financing options for your joining fee.

What is the Carzaam Card?

The Carzaam Mobility card allows you to bundle all of your transport related costs into one monthly payment. Add fuel, tolls, rideshare, public transport, parking and any other transport related costs onto your subscription with the Carzaam card. This gives you access to exclusive discounts and Carzaam cash back offers. Check the T&Cs as fees and charges will apply.

How does Insurance work?

Your Carzaam subscription comes with a fully comprehensive insurance policy for named drivers. You have the option to name a primary and secondary driver under your agreement. In the event of an accident, you can provide a copy of your Subscription Agreement to involved parties and notify us immediately. We will provide a replacement car until your car is repaired and back on the road but we do ask you to share the love with a $500 insurance excess where applicable.

How do I qualify?

Carzaam cars are for everyone but we do ask that you meet the following criteria: - Over 21 years old; - Valid full drivers license; - Clear of bankruptcy and driving offences; - Not refused insurance and no claims past 5 years; - 12 months on an appropriate visa for Internationals.

Can I use my car for business or rideshare?

Carzaam cars have no limits and no excess kilometre charges for private drivers. We can structure a package for business use and if you want to drive rideshare we can even help you get setup.

How do I schedule a service?

Every Carzaam car is fitted with connected vehicle technology that tracks the performance of your car and automatically schedules servicing. If you think your car needs some extra love in between scheduled times, get in touch and we will take care of it.